Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Indiyeah !

Namaskar. Welcome to my travelogue. Here, you will find travelogues and notes about the places that i have visited over the last few years. Please visit my Photogallery, a link to it is provided on the right side. Please feel free to get in touch with me to tell me about how good or bad my writing is, and how i can improve. Thank you for visiting, and also keep visting, coz i am trying hard to write better and take better pictures, and will keep updating Indiyeah! .

Many Thanks.

Sandhya Reddy

Saturday, August 06, 2005

About Me

When i tell my friends about this site - they ask me 'Why the hell i did it?' and "How on Earth i got the time?', and frankly i don't think i am great writer, but, i certainly feel i am blessed coz i have been able to visit a lot of places or atleast pass through. so, i just wished to document it all.
Each one of us have our own missions and visions and our roads may seldom meet. But, with this travelogue and photos, i would like to share with you all a part of my life, which i think i has been the most interesting bit of it all. So, you can see a lot of the places through a different persons work.
To tell you all about what i am, what i have been doing, putting 30 yrs of life in about 1000 words is going to be a toughie..i'll try.
Needless to say, i love this country 'India' where i was born. I took up a job with a FMCG major that expected its marketing personnel to travel for 10 days in a 28 day journey cycle. That job took me to all the nooks and corners of South India, coz i was involved in Rural marketing initiatives for the hair care product that i was handling. The travel bug bit me then.Even after i quit that company, i took every opportunity to travel, every long weekend was converted to a vacation.
During my college years, i had done a course in 'Pratical Photography'. Since then, i have experimented with a camera. First with my moms Canon Prima, and then later with a Kodak KB 10. I improved a lot on my compositions. Later, i bought my Nikon SLR, which is my inseparable companion during my journeys.
It is not that, i have a bunch of places written down on a list, that i tick off once i visit them. The more i read about a place, the more i want to get there. So, as soon as i get the break from work, and during the long weekends, i set off. I usually travel budget, and make my plans on my own. No agents involved in most cases.
Apart from travelling, i like photography. The two go together. I love to trek. I can't swim so no white river rafting etc for me. I love to read books - Paulo Coelho's, Richard Bach's, and about world religions, like to paint, learnt to play the guitar for 3 months, i did a bit of rowing ( i still like the sport, haven't got the time ), learnt Japanese for a 1 yr, Oh - those Kanjis are so difficult to remember, my latest obsession is to learn to make candles. I watch every movie that hits the theatres. My favourites are The Matrix, 7 years in Tibet, The Beach, The Lion King & Fight Club. If i could be a movie character for a day, i would love to be Tyler Dursden ( Brad Pitt ) of Fight Club. Second option would be Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider. I love Chettinad and Andhra cuisine - Hot and spicy.
It's never enough, and am eager to get to the rest of the places i have read and heard about, and will finish with Robert Frost's famous lines....'The woods are lonely dark and deep. And i have promises to keep. And miles to go before i sleep. And, miles to go before i sleep.
Sandhya Reddy

Friday, August 05, 2005

Me at Taj

At Taj. May 2003.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Dear Viewer,

I am glad that you are here to view my travelogue and the photogalley and i hope that you will appreciate my work.
Copyrights for all the text and images on this blog belong to me.Please view the snaps on a single computer. I request you not to copy these photos or information ( electronically or otherwise ) download, network, transmit or reproduce without my written permission for any commerical purposes.
Without authorisation the preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or in part, of any image is prohibited - even on the internet. Not that i would know about it, even if you did.
Hey, but you can download the pics for making it as a screensaver or a wallpaper on your PC, but, don't use for anything else.

Thanks and regards,
Sandhya Reddy